"Grand day for it": how forecasting as conversation can speak beyond weather and climate

Evening Talk - 6.30pm (refreshments from 6pm), 10 May 2018, Custom House, Dublin 1

Our speaker for the evening talk on Thursday, 10 May, was Dr. Padraig Murphy of DCU - 

Dr. Pádraig Murphy is Assistant Professor in Communications at Dublin City University and Chair of the MSc in Science Communication programme.  

While starting out as an environmental biotechnology graduate, Dr Murphy moved into science communication and Science and Technology Studies in the late nineties, as well as content management in e-learning. His teaching and research interests include science communication, and public engagement with science and technology. 
Dr. Murphy leads the Celsius research cluster at DCU. His current research and writing has focused on deliberative and participatory dialogue models for biotechnology, nanotechnology, and sustainable technologies, and ways that society can anticipate communications and policy issues around emerging, disruptive technologies. He managed a citizens’ jury on the trialling of the GM potato in Ireland, the Irish GM Potato Community of Inquiry project, funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency.
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