IMS Zoominar, Thursday 26th November 2020, 19:00:


This talk describes the latest climate modelling results from EC-Earth and other models, as well as the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) process.

ICHEC and Met Éireann have been conducting Simulations with the EC-Earth 3 climate model for the CMIP6 Project. CMIP6 is the latest Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, which feeds into the UN IPCC report on climate change due next year, to compare the state of the art of climate models, what they predict and what remains unresolved. CMIP6 has involved all of the world's major modelling teams, and the work here in Ireland has been led by Dr Paul Nolan, and published at ICHEC on the Earth Systems Grid.

Alastair McKinstry is the Environmental Program lead at ICHEC, where he is responsible for performance optimisation of Weather and climate codes, including the Harmonie weather code for Met Éireann and the EC-Earth climate code. He works on performance and data engineering and scaling up to exascale, or 10^18 flops/sec. Alastair has been work package leader in multiple Horizon 2020 programs such as PRACE, ESCAPE and ESiWACE, and is responsible for publishing and managing the 4 PB of climate and Earth observation data managed at ICHEC, including SPÉIR, the Irish Earth Observation archive, the Earth System Grid node for Irish climate data.


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