The Society adopted a new constitution at its AGM on 7th October 2021


1. An AGM shall be held not later than 30th April, of which a maximum of 30 days’ notice shall be given.

2. Each member of the committee will be elected for a two year term and may be re-elected for a maximum of three terms in succession. The election will be staggered so that half of the committee is (re)elected at the AGM each year.

3. No part of the Constitution or Rules shall be amended or annulled:

(a) Unless a written proposal to amend or annul (signed by at least 10 members) is presented to the secretary at the AGM

(b) and unless all members have been notified by the secretary and the majority of the member votes cast are in favour of the proposal. Postal and e-mail ballots will count.

Proposals which have been carried become effective once the secretary informs the members.

4. Every paid-up and every honorary member shall have one vote.

5. Annual subscriptions shall be paid by the 1st March. The subscription year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

6. The committee shall meet at least twice a year. Six members shall constitute a quorum.