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About Us

he Irish Meteorological Society was founded in 1981. Its main aims are:

  • The promotion of an interest in Meteorology
  • The dissemination of meteorological knowledge, pure and applied

The Society includes members not only from Ireland but from all over the world who are interested in weather and weather related topics. The membership is drawn from those who work in Meteorology, Aviation, Marine and Agriculture, from teachers and lecturers and indeed anyone who is interested in meteorology and the environment.


  • A programme of lectures on meteorology or related topics.
  • An annual guest lecture.
  • A one day conference and AGM.
  • Occasional field trips.
  • Newsletters


The Irish Met Society is run by a team of volunteers. Membership is open to everyone and the Society already has members from all walks of life including students, teachers, academics, meteorologists, pharmacists, doctors, accountants among many others.

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